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by Neisky Montiel

Choosing the right e-commerce platform (or my Shopify pitch)

Make the right choice

With so many options out there is hard to make a choice when shopping around for the right e-commerce platform. It all depends on some few factors: if you are already selling on a brick and mortar store, the budget you are willing to invest, if you want to hire an external agency to develop your store or you prefer to hire a full-time employee to take care of the project.

If you are part of a big company you should check which CRM - ERP it’s being used to manage your sales, inventory and customer database. Most of these CRM were created for deal with data on retail but they now have offer the e-commerce solution to sell online on your own website and even on external marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay.

Make the right choice

Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics and Infusionsoft are the best examples for companies running big operations. In most cases they offer their e-commerce solution through third-party agencies that take care of the whole project from implementation to maintenance.

Some midsize companies and startups were born on the e-commerce era and sometimes they just want to sell online where they can reach a bigger audience that also prefer to buy on the web.

Shopify is probably the best platform to go online in a few weeks without going through the painful process of dealing with so many moving pieces. By choosing this platform you will dealing with a canadian e-commerce company with more than 500.000 merchants selling around $45 billions all together.

Make the right choice

I have been using the Shopify platform since 2013 and my customers are extremely happy with the online store and the revenue they are bringing home. I helped them during the setup, integration process and marketing strategy, now they run the site by themselves.

Here some of the reasons why I decided to start working with this great e-commerce solution:

  1. Hosting included. No need to pay extra for having a different company dealing with your hosting. Also they use CDN (Content Delivery Network) so your site will be hosted in different servers around the world. When yours customers check your site they will be able to access your content in the in the blink of an eye.

  2. Ultra secure and reliable: your customer personal information and credit cards are extremely important. Many companies use SSL encryption technology on their checkout page when personal information could be exposed. Shopify took a step forward and employs SSL encryption on every page of the site, securing not only the payment process but the whole content and data on your online store. There is no extra cost for this padlock feature. Build trust with your customers by showing off your SSL Certificate badge.

  3. Make the right choice

  4. Mobile ready. Non mobile sites are part of the internet history. Remember scrolling to the sides back and forth to be able to read the tiny characters? To deal with this many companies offer a regular website, a mobile version site or an app. But the effort to update all 2-3 sites is going to be bigger. Let’s say you want to update the prices on your products or upload new inventory, you would have to do it 2 or 3 times to keep the same data on all your platforms. Not with Shopify. Your customers will access the website from wherever they prefer: computer, tablet or smartphone.

  5. Make the right choice

  6. Apps marketplace. Once you sign up you will gain access to an huge marketplace with all kinds of apps to take your site even further. You can find many free and not really expensive apps to help you improve your product sourcing, marketing, sales, social media, shipping process, inventory management, customer service, reporting, sales channels and much more. Your website will grow with you.

  7. Make the right choice

  8. Easy dashboard and Analytics. This is your ship's wheel, from here you can control everything related to your online store. User interface is super friendly and easy to follow. You’ll be sailing the e-commerce waters within a few days. Upload a new product, create a coupon code, add new graphics, check your traffic and sales, add new social media channels, install a new app, you name it!

  9. Own payment gateway. With Shopify Payments you can accept credit cards without the hassle of some gateways. Take advantage of some cool features like instant setup, no third-party accounts required, low commissions and fast payments, Shopify POS with card reader for stores (ready to swipe any Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). And for customers on the fly we offer accelerated checkouts, like Apple Pay and Shopify Pay.

  10. Make the right choice

  11. Affordable monthly plans from $29.00. All plans include unlimited number of products and file storage, 24/7 support, fraud analysis, manual order creation, discount codes and free SSL certificate. E-commerce can’t get any better.

  12. Abandoned cart recovery. This is always a big topic on the e-commerce industry. Many people (and I include myself) sometimes we like open a bunch of tabs on our browser, look around, compare prices and features, shippings times and charges, fill up our shopping carts and then going out leaving behind a potential order full of goodies. Shopify can automatically send an email notification to your customers to remind them to come back and take action. Turn your windows shoppers in paying customers.

  13. Make the right choice

  14. Enterprise level solution: Shopify Plus. Do you need to take this to the next level? Looking for bigger solution? We got you covered. Get access to multi-channel sales, e-commerce automation, wholesale and much more. Join today brands like Nestle, Bulova, Red Bull or Budweiser

  15. Great community and support. Technical support is always 24/7, you can choose to contact them by phone, chat or email. There is also a huge forum with tons of questions and answers to find out what you are looking for, you will find other sellers talking about their experience on the e-commerce industry. There is also a nice project called E-commerce University with many free resources like guides, videos, a blog and a podcast. If you can’t find the right fix or don’t have time to deal with your store let’s find you an expert (I think I know one)

  16. Are you ready to grow and evolve your business? Let me help you today.

    Make the right choice

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