Lolë Iconic Brand

In 2002, Evelyn Trempe founded Lolë after identifying a deficiency in women's technical outerwear. As we fast forward to the present day, Lolë has transformed into a worldwide brand dedicated to fostering mindfulness and promoting responsible consumption

Our team played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's success on various online platforms. Our journey began with the ambitious goal of not just maintaining but expanding Lolë's presence in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

We meticulously develop strategies for growth and new category expansion across key marketplaces like Amazon, The Hudson Bay and Faire (B2B Wholesale). With a focus on long-term strategic planning, we analyzed the diverse marketplace businesses and increased revenue while ensuring that Lolë's premium positioning remained intact. Collaborating closely with key account managers, we hatched high-impact growth initiatives that were aimed at propelling the brand to new heights.

In our pursuit of success, we were constantly seeking innovative ways to reach new customers. This required us to work hand in hand with Lolë's ecommerce merchandisers and marketers, forming a seamless team dedicated to pushing the brand forward.

Customer experience was a top priority. We continuously monitored our inventory levels and fine-tuned this aspect to enhance seller ratings, striving to exceed customer expectations.

The development and oversight of the promotional calendar played a significant role in driving sales and maintaining brand visibility. We were meticulous in planning and executing promotions to captivate our audience.

Our commitment to transparency and progress was evident in our regular monthly business reviews we provided to our Senior Managers and Directors. These reviews ensured that Lolë was always in the know about its performance on various marketplaces, helping the brand adapt and thrive in a dynamic e-commerce landscape.


The Lolë Swim Collection 2022